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Best Funny Wifi Names Ideas For Your Router Network

Funny Wifi Names

Best Funny Wifi Names: It is worth saying that people’s personality is reflected in many aspects that they choose for themselves. One can represent oneself through the use of a good brand mobile phone or sharing a well thought through social media. All these things can represent you as who you are.

In this modern world of technology worldwide, people always like to be unique in their point of view, attitude and many other things. they like to be different from their closest people and it’s not a bad thing. Many people like to choose certain funny wifi names for their SSID that are not only attractive but also tell a story about them, smart people always like to do that after all.

I am here to provide you with some of the best and funniest names for your consideration to choose exactly the SSID of your router that can attract your neighbours and colleagues. It is obvious that you change the wireless network names of a router’s SSID each time you buy a new one or have an existing one and look for better and more suitable wifi name ideas for it. Many people use many ways to do it. You can think about it and choose a funny wifi name for it or you can search for the best online ideas available for that reason.

Before choosing the correct name for your Wi-Fi router, you must consider whether the name will be right for you or not. Sometimes, all catchy things don’t need to be appropriate for everyone. You have the best option to make it fun or interesting. That depends on the level of thinking about the facts. In this article, I will provide you with some ideas about the best wifi names that will help you choose the most suitable one for you.


Importance of Wireless Network

Have you ever thought that you have a computer at home but do not have an Internet connection, so you must spend time unemployed? In everyday life, we have to use different types of devices, but without an Internet connection, there is no way to say these things that are not worthy to you.

Anyway, let’s get to the point, 25 per cent of Internet users are wireless network users who are often at home. But, otherwise, the picture could be a bit different since more than 90% of Internet users use WiFi in their own homes or workplace or in a cafeteria.

There is the word ‘BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT. So, we try to highlight how Wi-Fi has become the real boss in the Internet world in our tiny Infographic. Hope that you enjoy it.

Funny Wifi Names

There should be no problem for anyone if they make fun of their wifi names. Who doesn’t want others to laugh and put on a happy face while looking at their WiFi name? Do you like to make laughs or fun with your wifi name? The idea of choosing funny wifi names for your router is always a good thing.

So, if you want to make your wifi names fun, here are some suggestions for Funny Wifi Names for your router.

Funny Wifi Names
Kick The Boss Baby Don’t Laugh At Me
Monkey Dance Pain is Fuel
Shoot The Moon You Are My Rock
Against All Odds Virus All Over Here
Hacking Time Now For Those Who Lazy
Will You Pay Dear It Hurts When You Search
Pay or Get Away Loving Birds Arises
Free Overloaded Killer Tube
Hotspot Wireless Bandwidth on the Run
I Beleive in WiFi WiFi Family

Best Wifi Names

Best Wifi Names

As it was told earlier that the best one to choose depends on one’s mindset and surroundings. Everyone likes to choose the best one for them and sometimes he/she envy of others. The most excellent or desirable types of names can be chosen as the best Wifi name. If you want to make everything better around you, choosing the best Wi-Fi name for your router will be part of that action.

To consider which one will be the best one for you I provide you with some best WiFi names for you.

Best Wifi Names
Guess Me If You Can Limited access only
Take me to your heart Rise, early Baby
Password locked Mind your own business
404 not found here Internet Boss Baby
Rock and Roll Express Premium Network Only
Free not available here Show some courtesy
Upcoming now!! You have no idea
No Connections Available Keep Searching
Get off my LAN Find This Network
Sweet is Always Sweet Click If You Want Viruses


Cute Wifi Names

Cute things always easily catch other people’s attraction. One may think of some pretty names for their new Wifi router name. It is not a bad idea at all. Select some amazing Wi-Fi names to impress the people around you.

So why don’t you use some cute wifi names for your router? If you want to choose a cute wifi name for your router, it is in the right place now. Here are some suggestions for you.

Cute Wifi Names
Destiny is Mine Good vibes only
Thanks So Much Winners never quit
She who dares wins What’s done is done
Too clever is dumb All is well
Happiness is Free Stronger Than Yesterday
It’s Hurts When Search Dare To Begin
I Am Grateful Face The Facts
Quality Not Quantity Be Awesome Today
Daily Bread You Are My Crush
Never sees WiFi Double Click

Unique Wifi Names

Nothing can be like making things unique in all aspects of life. In terms of choosing unique wifi names, it is much more important to have the mental power to select that part of this modern era of online communication and understanding.

The idea of generating unique names is a way to differentiate one person from others. Unique names easily attract other people. So, be unique when choosing your Wifi name. Choose an appropriate one below.

Unique Wifi Names
Angry Men On Air Joker Lover
Knock! Knock! It’s WiFi WiFi Lover
Happy Day WiFi Life is Awesome
Psycho Available Alien Raiders Glory
WiFi Misplaced Pro Band WiFi Network
It’s not Public Yet Magic WiFi on Air
Do someday Check Out Baby
Bye Internet Bye Ouch… It’s Searching
Bounce Beyond Mix Cloud Wi-Fi
Own Damm Internet Connection Mr. Pro

Cool Wifi Names

It is often said that a great thing is worth a thousand unpleasant facts and something good is always good and preferable for everyone. A pleasant way to impress others is to choose a great Wi-Fi name for your router’s SSID network.

A good selection of Wifi names for me shows some perfection over there. If you are looking for Cool Wifi Names for your router, the place is perfect to make things cooler.

Cool Wifi Names
Miles of Smiles Pain Beyond Debts
Nothing Else Matters When it Hurts
Miracles Await 4 U Explore By Author
WiFi Having Brain Discover the Truth
Beyond Catching mood Good WiFi Hunting
Mind Your One Take me a Walk
Prohibited Area Hungry WiFi Arena
Sorry to Be Cool Say Hello to Me
Before Youth Net Fearsome ID
Nothing to Hate Distribution Server

Nerdy WiFi Names

The taste may differ. Someone might want to make some unfashionable or socially inept words popular by choosing witty wifi names. This idea can create some fun moments to remember in the long term. A word nerdy can come to mind when one likes to spend time thinking about the names of Wifi. Check out our list of Nerdy WiFi names for your router below.

Nerdy Wifi Names
Goonies never say die You go, Glen Coco!
It’s a trap! Say ‘what’ again
I dare you Dumb & Dumber
To infinity and beyond! You know what that means
Curiosity Not Prevails Geek Shout Nerd
Wild Wifi Appeared Soul Creator
Wireless Hunter Signal Week Now
WiFi For Losser Out of Order NOW
Internet Costs Money Shut up Naughty
Hate to Love Look Ma, No Wires!

Crazy WiFi Names

People are becoming crazy out there. What do you think about that? People with crazy mindsets naturally pick the names of routers as crazy as they can be. Some may prefer to take a look below to see one.

Crazy Wifi Names
I like your pants I’m adopted!
Come on, here we go You’re that smart?
Delicate Situation Why a donkey?
Ferrari Lover Boy Nobody stands up
When will you marry? Can you see God?
House Mad Ping Create The Pole
Love it IP Adress Male looking for Female
Tourist Trap Hack Me If You Can
I Know Your Browsing History Apocalypse Devil
Bill Clinternet Starring Sandra Bullock


Scariest WiFi Names

Who like to watch scary and horror movies, and also like to scare their neighbours with the facts available to them. Without a doubt, the scariest selection of WiFi names can also make the surrounding environment really fun. Are you planning to scare your neighbours next door? Name your Wi-Fi connection and wait for your neighbours to search for an available network. Here is this list…

Scariest Wifi Names
Halloween lover Double toil and trouble
Hell is Empty Devils are Here
Takes Your Bones Dead Will Walk
Down of the Dead There Will Be Big Blood
Hunting Horror Silence WiFi Lamps
No Beg Mercy Blood Hunter
I Like Your Bone Evil’s Destiny
Dead Man’s Wish Once I Was Alive
Dracula Damien Hannibal Lecter
Maleficent Famous Vampire


Clever Wifi Names

Depending on your surroundings, you can use special characters and thoughts to make a clever wifi name. The name will signify you as an intelligent man amongst your friends and family members.

Smart things always grab the attraction of others. To show others how smart you are, it is always the first choice to make your Wi-Fi network name clever. Have a stroll through this collection and see if one catches your eye.


  • Master WiFi Run
  • Discover The Fun
  • Beggars Hacked
  • If Slow Come Below
  • Virus Machine ID
  • Get Off LAN
  • Make a Joy Family
  • Super WiFi Van
  • Only Fly When IP
  • Cool Make It Worth

Good Wifi Names

This page shares my best views on choosing a good wifi name for the SSID device of your router. Some creative people try to make the names of their Wi-Fi networks good.

Sometimes it is important that people have good and quality Wifi names for their router SSID. Make a good list of your own Wi-Fi names and select which one you like the most. Let’s look at the collection of the most amazing Wifi names below.

Good Wifi Names
Devine Power Type Explore the Connection
Profitable Network System of WiFi Lock
Call me Back Worth Telling to you
Steady Streams Good Bad and Ugly
Minor search Network Internet Protocol Hack

Creative Wifi Names

Doing particularly creative things is not an easy task for everyone. There must be some difficulty in doing that right. An important part of creating a creative Wifi name for your router is to make people wonder what will come next. You can think about the name and add your taste of creativity in an innovative way without copying others. If one looks for some creative Wifi names, the list will be a reason to consider in mind.

  • Get WiFi Updated
  • New Version Available
  • Company Me Now
  • Move LAN Honey
  • How it To Be That
  • Keep Note Of That
  • Search For Asking
  • World Wide Router
  • Stop Spam ID
  • Less Talk Boy

Geeky WiFi Names

Sometimes good ideas can continue to develop, but it is difficult to find the perfect way to capture them. Then comes to some funny wifi names in mind to irritate others. Some might have fun doing that. So why not you?

Making things sometimes boring and not fashionable can be a way to impress other neighbours. As I said before, that mind differs from the others. Some geeky wifi names are given to get one for you.

Geeky Wifi Names
Global Gadget Internet Net Gear Router
Baby Modem Family Keep Upcoming Wire
Pass the WiFi Crush You Browser
Actual WiFi Net SSID For All
Solo Art Revel Revival For WiFi

Hilarious WiFi Names

Some hilarious words can add an interesting focal point to any list of Wifi names. A common focal point is to choose the correct hilarious words for the network name of your router.

Do you like to have a lot of fun and make a lot of laughs when choosing a hilarious Wifi name for the SSID of your wireless router? Making other people smile is a nice thing to do. One could have some fun ideas on how to choose a WiFi name.

Hilarious Wifi Names
Wheel on The Bus Tiger Lover Boy
Next Door Neighbour Ignore the Fact
Tom Love Jerry Time Ring For Net
Only For Her Sometimes I Quit
Access Devil’s Net Pass me A Fever

Awesome Wifi Names

There are several quality Wifi names to consider when you want to choose one. Several different patterns are also available. The first question to ask is what type of Wifi name you like to choose.

People who have the amazing power to determine the name of their favourable WiFi connection is so amazing to ignore. Some selections of names can cause feelings of great admiration or respect in mind. Isn’t it an amazing achievement? Get awesome wifi names that suit your device:

  • Together With Network
  • Happy End Time
  • The Force To Be Destroyed
  • Teen Loving Idle
  • Out of Range WiFi
  • LAN of Milk
  • Stay Connected Here
  • Beer Lover Network
  • Unregistered Hack ID
  • Skynet Watching

Great WiFi Names

The vast majority of people may want to get great names for WiFi. Choosing funny wifi names can comfort the eyes of other people who know you better. Choose a name with its own power to describe something important, famous or exciting.

Those who want to make themselves great among their friends and family can choose some attractive names for their Wifi network name. As the list has some great names, you can easily choose one for your consideration.

Great Wifi Names
Will You Date Me Once Upon A time
Haters Change Here Ideas of Fool King
Conquer From Within Try Something New
Dream of WiFi Hope Revive Here
Love Exercise Port Toxic Lover Boy

Star Wars Wifi names

“A long, long time ago, in a router far, far away” could be the best selection for Star Wars fans to make their Wifi name as well. Whenever people find that in the search, they will know that a Star Wars movie fan is here.

Here comes good news for fans of Star Wars movies. Star Wars fans here will get Star Wars-inspired WiFi names for the best selection of their router. Isn’t that so cool? Star Wars movies are so fabulous to watch and have lots of nice names and characters or dialogues to choose a Wi-Fi name with it. The ideas below will help you.

Star Wars Wifi Names
Luke, I am your wifi. A long, long time ago, in a router far, far away
Luke Skyrouter Fear leads to anger
Do or do not. There is no try in WiFi Use the Force, Router
The Force will be with you always Embrace the power of the WiFi
Return of the Router Jedi WiFi Network
The LAN of no Return Padme Rangers
Episode IV- A new WiFi It’s My Galaxy
Holonet Homeland Security
Clone Out Network Obi- WiFi Kenobi
Operation Zipper The Wings of Fire

Game of Thrones Wifi names

TV Show lovers love the quotes that will be used for all aspects of their life. Game of Thrones lovers also has the common habit of choosing their router’s name with dialogue or a special moment from the TV Series episodes.

If you are a big fan of Game of Thrones, you have come to the perfect place for some mind-blowing Game of Thrones Wifi names. So, without wasting time check the below names.

  • Wi-Fi of Throne
  • A Clash of WiFI Kings
  • A WiFi for Crows
  • The things I do for love
  • Never forget what you are
  • We do not Load
  • The Ping Beyond The Wall
  • Stark of Internet
  • Fire and Blood
  • The Wars to Come
  • Daenerys LAN
  • Martell Lord
  • Packets Are Coming
  • Crownlands Battle
  • The Night’s Switch
  • King’s LANding
  • The Vale of Arryn
  • A WiFi of Ice and Fire
  • No Cure for a Cunt
  • Pack Master Sea

Harry Potter Wifi names

One of the most successful movie series of the century is Harry Potter. It is a movie that made people so crazy that people like to use Harry Potter quotes in their daily lives.

Harry Potter has a large fan base around the world during the successful last year of the episode, which might inspire many to choose the best Harry Potter wifi names for your router to impress the nearby people available online. Select an attractive one below.

Harry Potter Wifi Names
The Dark Lord’s Return The Mystery of Darkness
When in doubt, Go to Wi-Fi Wicked!
Wow we’re identical The Triwizard Internet
Harry Potter Wi-Fi Arena A wizard wireless
Weasley is our King Door to Hell
Cornish Pixies Accio WiFi
Muggle Born Squib Winner of the House Cup
Swish and Flick Curiosity is not a Sin
The Magic Internet Magic is Might
The Mirror of Erased Have an Internet Potter

Lord of the Rings WiFi names

Like the Harry Potter movie series, Lord of the Rings also has great success in capturing the minds of movie fans around the world. One can choose “Lord of Wi-Fi” with the inspiration from the movie as the name of his newly purchased router SSID.

The Lord of The Rings has always been the most attractive amongst youngsters and must remain so popular. Anyone who buys a new Wi-Fi router can choose a name from this vibrant movie series along with some of the best dialogues and nice funny qualified characters.

Lord of the Rings Wifi Names
Lord of Wi-Fi Nobody tosses a Wi-Fi
Pings in the ring Wi-Fi garrison
You Shall Not Password! The eye of Wi-Fi
Area of the lords Is it a secret? Is It Wi-Fi?
Wi-Fi Gate-keeper Home of the rings
Routers of the Rohan Paths of the router
Beacons of Amon Din Fool of a Wi-Fi
Helm’s Wi-Fi Cleft of Light
Wi-Fi Sandyman One Wi-Fi to rule them all
Shining Middle Eye When in doubts

Star Trek

Fans of Star Trek movies may like the idea of choosing their Wifi name by taking a pleasant and engaging dialogue from the Star Trek movie series. That could bring obvious joy to your friends around you.

In modern days it is a trend to name the WiFi Router in your favourite movie series. Star Trek Movie Series is one of the most popular movie series in the world. So why don’t you change the names of your WiFi routers in the Star Trek movie series? I’m talking to hardcore Star Trek movie fans.

Star Trek Wifi Names
Don’t — call me ‘free wifi Return to the site tomorrow
Wifi is the beginning of wisdom Encounter At Wifi-point
Shut up, Wifisley! Space LANseed
Make It So Hell Internet knows nothing
Errand of Mercy Warp The Speed
Errand of Mercy Buried alive
Invading Password Space Computer
Encounter At Wifi-point 20th-century internet
Good connection is there The ultimate computer
It’s the final limit Internet Warp speed

Rick and Morty Wifi Names

People who like to watch TV shows like Rick and Morty regularly, often can’t get the chance to get out of those TV shows and also like to discuss them with their friends.

Lovers of Rick and Morty’s TV shows, it’s good to come to choose a name, since you’re a true fan of that. The series has some incredible and incomparable characters and dialogues to choose a good name for the SSID of the Wifi router. There are some nice names to consider as your Wifi name.

Rick and Morty Wifi Names

  • Catch The Truth
  • Aware of Dishonor
  • Remember to Live
  • Challange The Destiny
  • Power of Reputation
  • Master on Passion
  • Nurture Me If You Can
  • Got A Dream
  • Sherlock Family
  • Possible All Odds

The Godfather

“I believe in America” is the best dialogue in the blockbuster movie The Godfather. If you are an American person, you can use that dialogue so often in your usual activities. So why not take ideas like that to make your Wifi name look great?

The Godfather is the movie too has some nice and mindblowing dialogues and characters to choose from for the name selection of one’s newly purchased Wireless Network Router. The movie has garnered millions of fans over the past years of successful popularity due to its excellent work. Let’s have a look at Godfather’s wifi name below.

The Godfather Wifi Names
I believe in America Make me an offer
Friendship is more than talent Never hate your enemies
Revenge is a dish best served cold Luca Brasi WiFi Gun
Blood is a big expense There is a crime
Don Vito Corleone Ask with respect
Life is so beautiful I don’t Apologize
I Don’t Like Violence Nothing Personal
Just Business Not to be Careless
Make A Threat Sicily Lover
Real Man I Respect A Person


There is nothing as smooth as a Terminator hardcore fan to take a dialogue like “Hasta la vista, baby” as the SSID name of your wireless router. There are also some more juicy dialogues available to fans of Terminator movies.

If you are a movie fan of this type of genre and action, knowing what makes you very thoughtful, you may have a habit of keeping the name of your most personal things like an order for the movie series or characters. This article can provide you with some assistance to do it.

Terminator Wifi Names
Easy money Hasta la vista, baby
I’ll be back You must survive
Rise of the WiFi You are terminated
WiFi Genisys T-X is faster
I like this car You forgot to say please
Janelle, it’s me! Sarah Connor WiFi
Judgment will be Back No problemo
Pain causes it? On your feet soldier!
Give me your address there Wolfie’s fine, honey
Pain can be controlled A T-1000

The Avengers WiFi Names

Hello, Avengers get ready for flying. All the heroes are there to make fun of. Hulk will smash things or Iron Man will cover it. It will be quite nice for you to choose the name of Wifi as ‘I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY’ as a fan of The Avengers.

Among the young generation, it is often seen that they like to take something out of The Avengers movie serials. It’s the true love of fans that inspires them to pick their WiFi name following some gorgeous dialogues of The Avengers movie.

  • What have I to fear?
  • There Was An Idea
  • Hulk…smash!
  • This is a submarine?
  • The City Is Flying
  • I Still Beleive in Heros
  • Where’s the Tesseract?
  • The Tesseract has awakened
  • Brother, listen to me
  • The barrier is pure energy
  • I Understood That Reference
  • Iron Infinity
  • Fight RobOT Fight
  • Heros are Heros
  • We have a Hulk
  • Shakespeare in the park?
  • Rock of Ages
  • Superheroes? In New York?


Who doesn’t want to do something good for children? Something good that can have an impact on their little mind and obviously for the next few days to come. Therefore, you can improve your router’s name in a pleasant way to impress your children.

It is always nice to have some cute little child-friendly names for the selection of your funny WiFi names list. Probably other children may be get attracted to that. Some Child-Friendly Wifi names are given below.

Child-Friendly Wifi Names
Johny Johny Yes Papa The Wizard of WiFi
Boy Play the Toy Up with Hope
Baby Finger Baby Finger The Karate Kid
Aladdin Come to Mummy
Twinkle Star MacDonald Had a Farm
Children Stars Magic For You
Bow Ties Are Cool Happy Smile Baby
Kid for Fun Baby Makes Love Stronger
Life Changer Brightest star
Perfect Hearts Heaven’s Joy

Reddit Wifi Names

People who spend time on social networks often have a common name to share or have some good suggestions for their friends on how to choose things around them. There is always a discussion on social networks like Reddit about choosing a fun Wi-Fi name for the router. People share their views and aspects to see that name more attractive to others. That could be useful for them to look down here.

  • Catch The Truth
  • Aware of Dishonor
  • Remember to Live
  • Challenge The Destiny
  • Power of Reputation
  • Master on Passion
  • Nurture Me If You Can
  • Got A Dream
  • Sherlock Family
  • Possible All Odds

Router Names

As you just have bought a new brand router, you should pick an interesting name for the network SSID. People choose their router names to amuse strangers when they browse for nearby networks and see theirs on the list. It can serve as a conversation starter when friends come over.

How To Choose The Best One

In this article, I shared lots of nice, awesome and funny wifi name lists for your nice consideration. Some of the names are fascinating to take as your newly purchased WiFi name. By selecting a cool and unique wifi name one can share his thoughts and views with his friends and neighbours. Isn’t that awesome? So, consider your mind before choosing the best one from our list or create your own list to shock others.

Some Frequently Asked Questions On WiFi Names

Many people may have some questions regarding WiFi names and some of their questions are covered to assist with the selection of the best funny Wifi Names for their router.

What Is SSID?

SSID is a short form of Service Set Identifier and it is the name for your WiFi network. Whenever a person tries to connect his mobile or laptop device to a wireless network, he may find SSID. If you take your laptop to KFC to have chicken and try to connect your WiFi with a local network, you will find a list of SSIDs on your display and these are the networks available within the range of your device. You can select one if you know the password to connect with that SSID.

How To Change A Default WiFi Name?

If you like to change your default WiFi name SSID (Service Set Identifier), you must go to your router’s admin page. After that, you can enter your router’s IP address into your web browser and log in as the administrator. Then go to settings to look for the WiFi name or SSID. Whenever you find that you can change that name with your new WiFi name.

How Long is The Name Can Be?

Service Set Identifier (SSID) names can be up to 32 alphanumeric characters long and they must be case-sensitive. Whenever you like to pick your WiFi name you must keep that number in mind.

How To Change Your WiFi Password?

It is a common task to use a WiFi network and change its password regularly to protect your network and data so that your personal information may not be at risk. So, one must have a question in mind about how to change it. To change your WiFi password, you must open your router’s configuration page and log in using current data and change the password under the wireless settings menu. Once you are done entering your new password, you must click the save settings button to save your newly applied password. After you change the setting, you can connect to your wireless network by using your new password.

Finishing Thoughts

In this article, I shared my views regarding some best, cool, clever and good quality funny wifi names for you. Afterwards, you can make a list with all those names provided here and share these with your friends around you.

Whenever one might like to choose a WiFi name for his router, he can get a nice view of finding a path here and like to think about the facts in a way to establish the name factor as an extraordinary one. Who doesn’t want to be creative in mind choosing the funniest wifi names for a router is the best way to do that so.